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Apple Released iOS 16 New Features

The iOS 16 update includes enhanced personalization, deeper intelligence, and seamless communication. You’ll learn everything you need about iOS 16, including the latest version, upcoming components, problems, and bugs.

After several months of beta testing, iPhone and iPadOS were on September 12 and October 24, 2022, respectively. Many new units will be added to iOS 16 as iPhone continues to work on it.

Activation Lock Screen

Browse a gallery of many options to customize your Lock Screen, each with a unique backdrop, stylized date and time, and information you can see at a glance. Activation Features

Lock Screen Switching

Every time you wake up, you can switch your Lock Screen. Squeeze it after touching and holding. There can be multiple Lock screens, and you can switch between them as needed. As each Lock Screen corresponds to a Focus, changing your Lock Screen will change your Focus.

Suggested Photos

The iPhone allows you to automatically display photos from your library that look fabulous on the Lock Screen. Your friends and family receive a message with a link to iCloud.com, where they can view your photos. Shared collections remain active for 30 days, after which you can stop sharing them whenever you wish.

Shuffling Photos

Your Lock Screen will shuffle a collection of photos automatically. Set a cadence for how often your Lock Screen updates with new images, or let iOS do it.

API for Live Activities

Focus iPhone

Connecting the Lock Screen

It’s possible to lock the iPhone and focus on it. iOS 15 or higher devices do not need to be visible. It is possible to stay focused on a task without looking at your device if you have iOS 15 or higher and are busy.

List of Allows and Silences

The Focus setup process allows you to select which applications and individuals to receive notifications from.

Shared Photo Library on iCloud

Share your Family’s Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library allows you to share a separate iCloud photo library with up to five others. Shared Business

Smart Suggestions for Sharing

With intelligent features like Camera’s switch, Bluetooth proximity sharing, and For You’s sharing suggestions, sharing is seamless.


Tab Groups Shared

Publish a set of tabs for friends to see. Everyone can add accounts, and Tab Group updates instantly as you work together.

Synchronizing Extensions

Safari preferences list extensions available on your other devices. A single installation and enablement are sufficient.


Phishing Protection

A passkey never leaves your device and is unique to the site you created it for, making it impossible to phish them.

Multi Devises Sign-in

Use your saved passkey to log in to websites or apps on nonApple devices by scanning the QR code with your iPhone or iPad and using Face ID or Touch ID. Read Features

Live Text

Video Live Text

Video frames that are paused can be edited, copied, and pasted. Photos, Quick Look, Safari, and more Support Live Text.

Quick Action

Photos and videos are actionable with a single tap. Translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and track flights.


Messages are Automatically Sent

Messages can be sent without confirmation. Settings allow you to enable this feature.

Hey Siri, what can I do here?

Ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what can I do with iRobot?”

Expanded offline Support

Home Control (HomeKit), Intercom, and Voicemail are some requests Siri can handle offline without an internet connection.

Apple Pay and Wallet

Apple Cash

You can easily manage active payment requests from your Apple Cash card in Wallet.

Key Sharing

Securely share your keys with the people you trust through Messages, Mail, or WhatsApp.

Apps that Present ID cards

Verify your identity and age in apps that require ID information. Apps only ask for the necessary information to complete transactions. Face ID and Touch ID authorization will share the data you provide.

Apple’s and iPadOS Top New component

Should I update? Follow this guide. The iOS 15 upgrades add more customization and build upon SharePlay and Focus in iOS 15. Check out all the new features and how to download the updates for your iPhone and iPad below. You can find all the new features for Macs in our macOS Ventura feature roundup. Read more

How Compatible Is Your iPhone or iPad?

iOS 16 ends software support for the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2016, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 8 (2017) or newer (including the second- and third-gen iPhone SE) can run iOS 16. The update does not include all your desired features, as some work only with A12 Bionic-based iPhones.

iPads need to have sensible naming conventions, which makes it more difficult. Next-generation iPads will get iPadOS 16Follow these directions to determine your model.

  • iPad: Fifth-gen and up
  • iPad Mini: Fifth-gen and up
  • iPad Air: Third-gen and up
  • iPad Pro: 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch
  • 11-inch iPad Pro: First-gen and up
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro: First-gen and up

iOS 16 Installation Guide

Make a backup of your iPhone and iPad. Choose iCloud — Turn on iCloud Backup in Settings. Alternatively, you can back up your iPhone or iPad using our How to Back Up Your iPhone or iPad guide if you don’t have enough iCloud storage.

You’re now ready to install iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Your iPhone or iPad needs to be charged first. Connect your devices to Wi-Fi. Next, go to Settings > General > Software Update. You should see an update option. Download and install. You can now install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Restarting your device updates it. Not using your device.

New iOS 16 Version Updates

More minor updates have already begun rolling out for iOS and iPadOS 16. These include bug fixes, security patches, and new features not included in the initial launch. In Settings, go to General > Software Update.

iOS 16.3 adds new Emergency SOS controls, HomePod Support, and Black History Month wallpapers. FreeForm now includes drawing strokes.

All devices, including iPhones, iPad, and Macs, can use FreeForm. Game Center features SharePlay and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. Widgets for medications and sleep.

This update added the Fitness app to the iPhone (no Apple Watch required), a battery percentage icon, Matter support, and the ability to turn off volume touch controls in second-generation AirPods Pros. There are now Live Activities as well. Pin notifications on your lock screen to track sports scores, Uber rides, workout activities, and more. Clean Energy Charging optimizes charging times for clean energy sources.

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