• islamic BlogAbbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib

    Do you know about the Life of Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib

    Abbas ibn Abd Al-Muttalib Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (c. 566 – c. 653 CE) was the uncle of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. He was the son of Abd al-Muttalib, the leader of the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe in Mecca. Abbas was one of the earliest converts to Islam and played an essential role in the early Muslim…

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  • Professional Servicespersonal vs professional services

    What are Personal and Professional Services?

    Professional services require specific knowledge, skills, and Expertise. Law firms, Accountants, Consulting firms, engineers, Architects, and doctors usually provide these services. Examples of professional services include legal advice, tax preparation, management Consulting, financial planning, and medical treatment. Personal services cater to the needs and desires of individuals. Professionals and Non-professionals can provide these services, including personal Grooming, house cleaning, pet…

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  • IronIron Occurrence uses

    Iron Occurrence uses, and Properties History + Application

    Iron Chemically, iron has the symbol Fe and the atomic number 26. As the most common element on Earth, it belongs to the group of transition metals. In humans, iron is a critical component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body. Iron is a lustrous, silvery-gray metal that is ductile and malleable. It is relatively soft and has a…

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  • Insuranceinsurance and its benefits

    What are insurance and its benefits?

    In times of crisis, insurance provides financial security for you and your family. Taking on the risk, insurance companies offer coverage for the same for specific premiums. Insurance Components Several components make up an insurance policy, including: Policyholder: The person or entity who purchases and protects the insurance policy. Premium: The amount paid by the policyholder to the insurer for…

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  • Informationinformation technology

    What is the role of business information technology?

    Business information technology (BIT) is using technology to support and improve business Processes and operations. BIT covers various Technologies and tools, including Hardware, Software, networks, Databases, and Telecommunications. The main goal of BIT is to Optimize business Processes, improve Efficiency, and reduce costs. BIT improves customer service, Productivity, and Decision-making. There are many different IT applications, from Enterprise Resource planning…

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  • Islamic HistoryProphet Muhammad's (PBUH)

    The Life of Hazrat Muhammad is the best example for humanity

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 570 AD. His father, Abdullah, died before he was born, and his mother, Amina, passed away when he was only six. His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, and uncle, Abu Talib, took care of him after his mother died. A kind, helpful, and honest boy, he grew up. As a child, he…

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  • Hospitality and LeisureHospitality and Leisure

    What is Hospitality and Leisure in the world?

    Businesses include hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, Amusement parks, and other entertainment venues. The primary goal of these Businesses is to provide customers with Enjoyable experiences and excellent customer service. The Hospitality and leisure business drives tourism, travel, and local and Regional demand. It is a highly Competitive industry that requires companies to constantly adapt to changing Consumer Preferences…

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  • World Job'sOkara city jobs

    Okara city jobs in the private and public sectors.

    PAK Army Jobs In Okara March 2023 Pakistan Army Okara According to the Daily Express, the Pakistan Army has announced that it is accepting applications for the positions listed below in Punjab, Pakistan. In Okara 2023, we are looking for a Mali and a gardener. Qualifications required include a primary school diploma, secondary school diploma, etc.  You can apply for…

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  • islamic BlogWho was the bravest man in Islamic history?

    Who was the bravest man in Islamic history?

    Hazrat Ali (RA) childhood life In 601 AD, Hazrat Ali (RA) was born in the Kaaba in Mecca, Arabia. Among the most influential figures in Islamic history. Hazrat Ali (RA) grew up in a pious and noble family. His father, Abu Talib, was a respected leader of the Banu Hashim clan, a prominent tribe in Mecca. Prophet Muhammad and Hazrat…

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  • CopperDo you know about copper?

    Do you know about copper?

    Copper is an Assential mineral and element. The metal is ductile, Malleable, Alectrically and Thermally Conductive, and Corrosion Resistant. We need it every day. Its Antimicrobial Properties are Increasingly crucial to infection Prevention. In the USA, it ranks third after iron and Aluminum. Copper The chemical element copper has the symbol Cu and the atomic number 29. An Electrically and…

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