• islamic BlogThe Prophet Adam (AS) - A History of the Creation of the World

    The Prophet Adam (AS) – A History of the Creation of the World

    Here is a Brief Explanation of Man’s Creation In deep learning, Adam is a stochastic gradient descent Optimization algorithm. D. Kingma and J. Ba introduced it in 2015 in their paper “Adam: A Method for Stochastic Optimization.”Adam stands for Adaptive Moment Estimation, and it Combines two techniques: Adaptive learning rates and momentum. The algorithm maintains an Exponentially Decaying average of…

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  • islamic BlogMohammad (PBUH) Religious Leader

    Muhammad PBUH, Religious Leader of the Muslim World

    About Muhammad Islam founded the Muslim religion, society, and politics, teaching monotheistic teachings of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. There is a belief within Islam that he is the Seal of the Prophets. Muhammad’s teachings, the Quran, and religious practices formed the Islamic polity. What was Muhammad like? Qur’an, Islam’s sacred scripture, was authored by Muhammad. He lived…

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